Why Antique Bathroom Vanities?

The reasons for wanting to own an antique vanity in your bathroom are as diverse as the bathroom styles, themselves. Perhaps you have assigned great value to a particular period in history, and thus wish to replicate its styles; perhaps it is the dignified, simple, unpretentious aura given off by traditional bathroom vanities; perhaps it is the association with prosperity and wealth that continues to draw home decorators to the antique bath vanity.

Virtu USA Abigail White Antique Bathroom Vanity

Virtu USA Abigail White Antique Bathroom Vanity

Uniqueness and extravagance is what antique bathroom vanities tend to mean for homeowners. Anyone with a keen eye for inimitable detail is sure to appreciate the fine detail of hand-carved forms. Also, when purchasing a traditional bathroom vanity, one can be assured about the materials being genuine and lasting.

Found to be among the most beautiful design styles for the bathroom, antique vanities truly hit the mark for unparalleled beauty. Throughout the home furniture market, you are bound to come across a wealth of choices, offered to you by stores that are consistently vying to be chosen by you. Simply knowing that you are given the choice is a beautiful thing.

Virtu USA Antique Bbathroom Vanity

Virtu USA Abigail Antique Bathroom Vanity

What makes hunting for that special traditional bath vanity an especially rewarding experience is the chance for rewarding yourself, as a hard-working, perceptive home decorator. Check out the incredible inventory of genuine antique bathroom vanities made by the finest hands, using the latest techniques in tandem with time-tested materials. Every item is accompanied by a detailed description within the online catalogue, so that your selection process is effectively narrowed down by category.

One-of-a-kind designs and shapes merge with the traditional form, as traditional bathroom vanities come into new light in the modern-day home. Although they are often perceived as large and bulky, antique bath vanity cabinets take up less space than you might think. Also, their having a single sink does not take way from the fact that the countertops provide a sufficient amount of room for all your necessities. The same goes for the storage space; whether it is doors or drawers, your bathroom necessities are safely kept organized and out of sight.

Excellent marble and granite countertops are only few distinguishing characteristics of antique bathroom vanities. This charm, which is quite literally old school, is classic but not outdated, hence why antique bathroom vanities continue to uphold their reputation as homeowner’s favorite mode.