Trailblazing Home Décor with Vintage Bathroom Vanities

Rekindle your love for classic flare in bathroom decor, so that the feeling of nostalgia is appeased. How often have you considered a classic or antique bathroom vanity that conjures up fond memories of a certain time period? You do not need to be a history buff or a classics connoisseur in order to appreciate, and carry a soft spot for, vintage bathroom vanities. They unmistakable can help add a certain something, even to the most modern layout and design. What is known as “shabby chic” among vintage lovers is a great misnomer; classic and antique furniture is anything but shabby and outdated. A bathroom vanity especially is considered a treasure by many a homeowner. Rightfully so, because that type of furniture is indeed one-of-a-kind, and having such a bath vanity in your home can only add to its charm and value.

Vintage White Bathroom Vanity Legion WB-19653B

Vintage White Bathroom Vanity Legion WB-19653B

What makes vintage bathroom vanities particularly enchanting is the regal touch it tends to give to practically any bathroom. The refined details account for the unique and prestigious aspect of the vanity cabinet, which plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the bathroom.

Selecting the right one can take time; nonetheless, it ought to be an experience that you enjoy and feel confident about. Vintage or antique bath vanity cabinets may seem relegated to the bigger models, although modern-day advances have led manufacturer to marry traditional antique bathroom vanities and form with technological advances that enable you to recreate the tone and texture of an historical piece on a different scale. You do not have to imagine how a finely crafted, solid wood cabinet will look standing in your bathroom; you can live the experience by buying your vanity online. The extensive inventory carries bathroom cabinetry designed especially for individuals who are looking to recapture the essence of yesteryear with a chic centerpiece that provides ample storage, as well as making the room more inviting and warm.

For Feng Shui enthusiasts, this is especially a plus, considering that natural wood has long been regarded as the source of warmth, prosperity, and positive energy, overall.  Maintaining positivity is key in any environment, and the bathroom is the one area within the home that allows you to create a niche that is entirely reflective of your needs and personality.  With that in mind, the better the décor, the more enthusiastic is your attitude towards it. After all, the bathroom is intended to be a space for transition and escape, if need be. A vintage vanity will do wonders in helping you capture elegance for years o come. From antique white oak to red oak, from light cherry to dark cherry, from walnut to chestnut, these woods are excellent sources for vintage bathroom vanities that can withstand corrosion and breakage.

Ceramics and brushed nickel go a long way to complement a vintage cabinet. Poised upon a granite or marble countertop, the integrated sink is a sleek and lustrous accent to the vanity. Keeping bathroom decor old school cannot be more refined than with a vintage bathroom vanity.