Taking Stock of Classic Form on Antique Bathroom Vanities

The appeal of antique bathroom vanities is simultaneously palpable and open to interpretation. When choosing to remodel the bathroom, one is bound to consider such factors as the quality of the material used in constructing the furniture, as well as the aesthetic draw that is the determining factor of the vanity that a homeowner will be inclined to decide have grace his/her bathroom for the long term.

Legion Furniture White Bathroom Bathroom Vanities

Legion Furniture White Bathroom Bathroom Vanities

The term “antique” carries a plethora of connotations that deal with age. Classic bathroom vanities are among those pieces of furniture that are replete with history and intrinsic value that is associated with a particular event, time period, or design phase. On the other rend of the spectrum, these very characteristics do not automatically mean that the vanities are old or outdated. On the contrary, antique bathroom vanities are sought after by a significant number of homeowners who wish to furnish the home with pieces that will withstand the trend of fads all the rage today but fading into oblivion tomorrow.

While some may look to the modern bathroom vanities and new designs for inspiration, others find comfort in the fine lines of handcrafted bathroom cabinetry. Acclaimed craftsmen are in tune with the materials they utilize, as well as with the criteria that influence people’s decisions in acquiring a specific type of vanity. Wood, for instance, is a time-tested resource that offers a stable infrastructure for vanity cabinets, especially in regions with humid climates. This goes along with the humidity that perpetually accumulates in the bathroom from everyday use. Oak and rubber wood are among the top selections to consider, in order to ensure the strength of these permanent fixtures. “Permanent” here refers to the idea that the vanity you select will continue to satisfy the needs for practicality and panache.

However small or large the layout of your house may be, antique vanities can be found in a variety of sizes.  This is especially possible with the continual development in methods of creating these fixtures. One can easily purchase an antique vanity that is modern-made but faithfully reproduced to reflect the color and texture of the ornate, elaborately carved wooden vanities fit for European royalty. Nowadays, you have the convenience of purchasing these “relics” online, at a discount price. / The quality remains top-shelf, and the history inveterate in antique cabinetry is easily accessible to homeowners with any budget criteria. It is the art and elegance associated with antique bathroom vanities that often drives decorators to obtain these centerpieces and integrate them into the modern lifestyle.