Traditional Vanity Wins by Default in Bathroom Design

The design world has seen quite a bit of friendly competition among various styles of home décor. This is especially palpable today, within the realm of bathroom designs. Every plumbing and decorative feature plays a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere of the bathroom, but the vanity certainly takes precedent over all the others. The vanity is the centerpiece that gives the bathroom a defining trait. When the issue of remodeling arises, the heat is on in the debate about the most popular, the moist practical, and the most lasting. We have two worthy contenders in queue for selection: the contemporary vanity and traditional bathroom vanities.

Madel Torino White Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Madel Torino White Traditional Bathroom Vanity


Contemporary bathroom vanities offer maximum practicality in minimalist detail. Antique vanities embody practicality, classic form, and handcrafted detail. Having a traditional vanity installed in your bathroom means a multi-purpose centerpiece that shall store all of your necessities and thus help accentuate the openness of the room, all in itself. A traditional bathroom vanity means you can forgo having to buy extra medicine cabinets and closets; everything you needs can be organized just as effectively, even more so, within the multiple drawers that will help eliminate the clutter and give a sense of coziness within the bathroom, which, in the recent decades, has come to represent more than a wash-room. It has taken on life as a room for relaxation, rejuvenation, and transition between various phases of the day (getting ready in the morning or preparing to “clock out” at home, after a long and productive day).

Knowing that a bathroom vanity will last throughout continual cycles of exposure to moisture, shifting of furniture that might occur in the instance of relocation to a new home or simple remodeling touch-ups in your current one, whatever the case, and traditional bathroom vanities are made to withstand excessive etching, corrosion, and breakage. Certain factors are essential to keep in mind, when selecting a new vanity. Consider the dimensions of the bathroom, itself, in comparison to the cabinet. Traditional vanity cabinets are typically designed as floor standing, although wall-mounted varieties are seeping the market, given their practicality and space-saving tendencies. A traditional bathroom vanity does wonders for any style setting, regardless whether all of the furniture within your home adheres to the same principle.

Art lives on through various media, and traditionally made furniture is one such example. Red or white oak, birch, chestnut, mahogany, or maple are reliable and certainly are an aesthetic asset for a traditional bath vanity cabinet. A gorgeous espresso, off-white, ebony, or pine finish is bound to make the vanity stand out and look extravagant. The beauty of obtaining one in this day and age is that the vanity can be easily attained at a discount price. The verdict is undeniably in, for it are the traditional bathroom vanities that keep homeowners coming back for more classic glamour.