Renovation with Wall Mounted Vanities

If you want to give your bathroom a boost and are on a tight budget, then a wall mounted bathroom vanity is a surefire choice. It is not necessary to be a decorating expert to notice how exceptionally well a wall mounted bathroom vanity fits into the setup, whether it is vintage or modern/contemporary décor. A wall mounted bathroom vanity gives you a palpable degree of free rein, enabling you to maneuver and manipulate the facets of design to suit the needs for adequate space and a well-organized atmosphere. With a growing number of people flocking to settle the bustling urban centers, where the commercial hub is sprawling, yet residential space is at a premium. Every square inch is taken advantage of; that is enough incentive for homeowners to choose a wall mounted vanity as the ideal fixture for their bathrooms.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Almost immediately since the design was conceived, wall mounted contemporary  bathroom vanities became the preferred fixture, both for practical and aesthetic merits. More homes and commercial buildings tend to embrace this variety for the reasons that they help add an extra hint of sophistication. The number of people moving to the city has skyrocketed in the last decade and continues to grow at warp speed. Ergo, the search for more vacant space is also widening. Making the most of every square inch is becoming a top priority for every homeowner and real estate agent; moreover, people are starting to pay more attention to the layouts of bathrooms inside homes and commercial buildings, which leads them to select the wall mounted bathroom vanity.

Wall Mounted Bathroom  Vanities Marble Sink

Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities Marble Sink

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are the lightweight and easy-to-maintain fixtures that homeowners and real estate agents everywhere rely on. Their efficiency, combined with sophistication, makes them top selections for remodeling.  Check out our online store for Michelin-quality fixtures in single-sink and double-sink configurations.  A popular notion is that that wall mounted bath vanities encompass mostly modern and contemporary designs, yet you will be pleasantly surprised to find our online store replete with both trendy fixtures and those restored to reflect the dignified appearance and texture of distressed wood. Wall mounted contemporary bathroom vanities are a product of interplay between MDF/engineered wood and natural varieties. Some of the hottest items on the market (and in our inventory) are gray oak, walnut, and espresso finish; black and white go over quite famously, of course. The best options for lightweight and durable countertops to complement wall mounted vanity cabinets use marble (notably Carrera), acrylic, and tempered glass. As for sinks, we have a stellar collection of under-mounted and vessel sinks of porcelain, tempered glass, marble and acrylic. You can even purchase the top separate from the cabinet and custom-design your own wall mounted vanity before buying it.
Whether they are large or small, wall mounted bathroom vanities can fit within any décor and accommodate a variety of living situations. Double-sink wall mounted bath vanities are especially beloved by homeowners and real-estate agents for the efficiency of being a time saver for couples and families, as well as roommates. We carry an array of top-rated wall mounted vanities from all your favorite brands in the business. Both standard and corner models are available for wall mounted bath vanities. Of course, we have them in a multitude of finishes, not to mention styles.