Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom Vanity is an essential part of any modern bathroom, and home in general. Often the bathroom is where we store all our towels, a fair proportion of our cleaning materials and our dirty laundry. With all these disparate items to store, as well as toiletries and general knock , it is easy for your beautiful bathroom to become cluttered and feel oppressive.

Avanity KNOX Modern Bathroom Vanity

Avanity KNOX Modern Bathroom Vanity

If your bathroom is modern, and the wall space is available and the shape of the room allows it, in built storage is the most sensible solution. You can add shelving and cabinet space easily, achieve a uniform look with a line that leads the eye to the features you want it drawn to, and create a mess free environment that is informal to clean and attractive.

Free standing modern bathroom vanities cabinets come in a range of shapes and sizes, from low units that you can use to store things away from sight and still leave you the top of the unit as a shelf, to tall units with lots of space to store pretty much anything you want in them. These types of modern bath cabinets come in a range of designs and finishes to fit in with any shaped space and bathroom design, from adding storage to a modern area that won’t allow in built in bathroom furniture. These units come with both cabinets and shelving to maximize their appeal, whatever the look you are going for and regardless of what you need to store.

However, if your bathroom is more unusually shaped, you don’t have the wall space due to heaters and windows, or you have a more period aesthetic that wouldn’t really suit in built storage, free standing storage is a great alternative. There are many attractive modern granite countertop basins that add character to a room and can fit on a wide range of different shelves, vanity units and cabinets while allowing you to add storage to an area.

Perhaps the most important item of bathroom is the bathroom vanity. To one side from the fact that it is vital to pretty much every visit to your bathroom, from shaving to brushing your teeth, it also adds a sense of space by shiny the area back on itself, and effectively becomes an additional storage  source for the bath. The vanity is, in itself, a piece of bathroom furniture that needs to be considered. A modern piece won’t fit with a period room and a more ornate and modern bathroom vanities will look out of place amongst sleek lines and simplicity.

The Modern bathroom vanity you choose will define the look of your bathroom, as well as adding greatly to your pleasure in bathing and the functionality of the bath space.