Classic Décor with Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Contemporary bathroom vanities are the best, because they give your space pizzazz, without taking up too much of it. No matter if you have a compacted apartment in the city center or a sprawling home in the suburbs; a contemporary bathroom vanity is perfect for accommodating all of your storage needs.

Acer 59" Modern Oak Wood Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Acer 59″ Modern Oak Wood Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Consumers today are frequently on a lookout for tasteful storage units that will enable them to make the most of the available square footage. Cabinets and consoles not only provide ample room in their storage compartments but also leave additional space underneath, especially if the fixture is wall-mounted.  MDF and plywood are often top choices for cabinets in contemporary bathroom vanities due to their being lightweight and environmentally friendly materials.
Browse any home design catalogue, and you are bound to find a plethora of innovative styles that capture the essence of simple and sophisticated décor. Gorgeous vessel sinks of porcelain, acrylic, and tempered glass are perched atop a sleek, sturdy counter-surface. We have quite a few top-brand models to choose from, and you have the free rein to custom-design your own one-of-a-kind fixture, either by purchasing the countertop and sink separately or as part of a fully assembled set.
A contemporary bathroom vanity leaves plenty of room for creative interpretation. You can integrate it quite easily into a traditional motif, just as you could do into a modern setup. A fresher perspective on a classic concept of a dresser and storage unit makes contemporary bathroom vanities highly coveted items at our online store.
Subtle yet attention-grabbing, a contemporary bathroom vanity can transform any residence or commercial building into a showpiece. One’s bathroom is often the first place to leave a palpable impression on visitors, and a contemporary vanity is sure to draw quite a few eyes to the scene. High-quality materials and simple form are the very characteristics that make a contemporary bath vanity the irresistible remodeling option it is known to be.
A significant part of the contemporary bath vanity’s charm is that it exemplifies minimalism, which places the focus on practicality and simple beauty, rather than flamboyant hues and patterns on a massive structure. With contemporary vanity sets, you can take full advantage of the storage space without having to compromise between beauty and functionality. Single-sink and double-sink fixtures are equally stunning and provide ample room for all of your toiletries.
Michelin-quality fixtures for a paupers’ price is exactly what you can expect from our products. We offer unique sets of contemporary bathroom vanities at low prices, which you can claim without having to wait in line